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Friday, 3 January 2014

Mascara Vrs Review

In 2013 I mainly used only two mascaras. These were my Max factor false lash effect (in the purple bottle) and a Barry M black mascara, I’m not completely sure but I think this is the only black mascara that they do. Barry M make up is new to me, but I got it free with a gift bag when I was at the clothes show. Barry M actually do some quite good products, with shimmer dust (a type of eyeshadow) which I’ve been using a lot and the mascara too.

Because I’m reviewing make up and not fashion items the format will be different.


Max factor- I think that this mascara is very good as an everyday mascara. It coats the lashes well and evenly, and leaves your lashes looking natural but full.
BarryM- I love this mascara a lot on my lashes. I have quite long lashes anyway but this gives them a fake look but they don’t look overly false. They look bold and strong and I think it really opens up my eyes.


Max factor- although more suitable then the BarryM for everyday and school use, the mascara I had wasn’t water proof and in the rain I developed black tears.
BarryM- My BarryM mascara is waterproof and I don’t find it wears off too much in the day. It does give your lashes a look that makes it obvious you are wearing mascara but I don’t think it is that bad.

Value for money- £11.99 (from Boots online). Max factor is an expensive brand to buy off, it has to be said. But all their mascaras come with a price tag and my mascara lasted me months. I do think it is a little too pricy though and I don’t think I can afford to repurchase.
BarryM- £6.19 (online price). At nearly half of the price of the Max factor I think this mascara is great value for money. There are cheaper mascaras then both of these but I think it’s a more respectable price at just over £6.

Overall I think my personal favourite is the BarryM mascara, this has really surprised me because a month ago I didn’t even know BarryM did make up! I just think because it is good for everyday wear and party wear, it is waterproof and isn’t too expensive the mascara is underestimated and isn’t talked about enough.

I hoped you enjoyed this vrs type of review, I found it quite interesting to write. Comment down below if you want me to review any other products or type of product. I hope you enjoy this, I’d love to hear what you think. Happy new year everyone! Love life, live on and be happy x

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