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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas nail art

So yesterday was Christmas day, i hope it was a good and happy for everyone, those who celebrate it and those who don't. I'm sorry because I was meant to get this post up earlier but ive been really busy and stuff. Although the objective of the post is gone, I thought you'd be interested and inspired by the work of layering and chose of tool and so on.

I did two types of nail art over the festive period, as well as just plain colour or sparkle polish, and these were a Christmas pudding nail and reindeer nails. Please read and look below for how I completed these.

The first I'll show you is the Christmas pudding. For this you will need brown, white, clear/ nail hardener, green and red nail polish as well as a paintbrush. I use a small pain brush to get the detail I want, but be warned because this does ruin your brush for actual art and painting but it can be reused every time you need it for painting nails. 

Firstly, paint an even coat of brown nail polish onto your nail. It is your choice if you want to put of clear/ nail harder on before this- which is what I do. I also put a coat on top of the brown.

The next step is to use your brush and the white nail polish to create the iconic drips down the pudding. This is quite difficult to design, especially on the opposite hand, but you'll get there.

Next take your brush and dip it into the green. You are trying to create holly so you could either spend time trying to make the points or just green blobs. Taking time will make it look more accurate.

Now you can add the berries, i did not have any red nail polish, so used berry/ pink instead. Simply make three small dots or one big dot to create your holly berries.

To finish let the paint dry and then put a layer of clear/ nail hardener over it. This will hopefully prevent chipping.

The next designs I created where reindeer. I will explain how to make Rudolph as you can create the other reindeer by just swapping the red nose for a gold or darker brown. You will again need a paintbrush, red, brown, black, white, clear/ nail hardener and a background colour of your choice- i chose glitter.

Begin by painting your background. I choose glitter nail polish but you could choose any colour that doesn't distract form the reindeer.

Next paint a small oval to triangle type of shape, look in photo below. This will be the head of the reindeer.

Next add two small lines coming off the head, these will be its ears.

After this, use the paintbrush and black to create the antlers. Be very careful as this requires a lot of detail and patience. I found this step went wrong but you can fix it a little.

Then, add two white dots as eyes.
When this dries do two smaller black eyes, these will make the reindeer look a lot more real.

To finish the reindeer add a blob onto the end of the nail. This will be the nose so use either red or gold, depending on the reindeer you want to.

Lastly, when the reindeer are dry add a thin layer of clear/ nail hardener to prevent chipping.

I hope you liked this, sorry its late. I am also hopping to do some more updates on my christmas/ party wear soon. Love life, live on and be happy.

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