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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Book review: Memory by Christoph Marzi

It’s May, a new month and also an opportunity to look back at April, right? Well today I am going to review last month’s book, which is Memory by Christoph Marzi.

Now for most people Memory is not a book you’ll have heard of and, if not for you reading this review, you may never have come across. I received Memory as a Christmas present from my sister because she knew I loved the book Heaven by the same author (reviewed here). I was very excited to read this after loving the last book, and overall I did enjoy it.

The story’s theme is all about a ghost named Story and her journey. It by no way a horror/ paranormal book but simply an ‘urban ghost story’ like it is described. The tale is romantic and full of mystery, stories of ghost and a race against time.

Like Heaven, Marzi’s story focus is on one character but another develops at the same time. As we learn who Story really is, her identity and eventful tale, we also discover who Jude, a lonely boy whose life is wrapped up in ghosts, tombs and graveyards, truly is.

I did think the plot was a bit basic and didn’t take off like I expected, but I liked how that made it easy to read. It was a little slow in the first few chapters but the plot at the end gripped me page by page. The ending was also abrupt and a bit rubbish, if I’m honest, when compared to the rest of the book but the overall novel was good.

If you want to read a fantasy, teen (not baby-ish) story and haven’t read Heaven then I’d recommend that first, but this was a reasonable follow up. I won’t rate it too high, and think this one is better targeted to younger teens, but I liked it.

I hoped you like this little mid-week book review, and I hope to see you back on the weekend for another post. If you have any book recommendations or review requests then please let me know as well! I hope you have a great day,

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  1. This sounds really cool! Great review gurl! You should definitely do more xoxo