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Sunday, 28 September 2014

OOTW | Birthday Edition

So today’s post is a fashion post of the outfits I wore over my birthday weekend. I’ve called it an OOTW but it’s really an outfit of the weekend! I hope you enjoy these few outfits, let me know in the comments below.

So day one was a casual family night to celebrate my Auntie’s birthday but it was also a sort of pre-birthday. I wore my favourite skirt, floral of course, and matched it with a white crop top and denim jacket. I like this look because it’s comfortable, casual but still party-ish.

Cant find Crop Top
Old Denim Jacket

The next day was Saturday and that was my birthday day and night. For the morning, I must be honest, I wore my pyjamas until about 10 o’clock! After that I wore a casual/formal outfit of my black skirt and pinky-purple top. I also wore a necklace I actually received on my birthday which was a golden wishbone necklace- which I LOVE.

The last day of my OOTW is the day I went out for a Sunday lunch with all of my family. On this day I wanted to look cute but comfortable, and it was also kind of semi-formal. I wore my sunflower skirt, black crop top, new triangle necklace and black brogue heels. I also put on this crochet cardigan to add a little bit of detail to the look.

So that’s all, I hope you liked this- it was quite a lot of work to sort out! I know I love OOTDs so I thought I would do a birthday edition for all my lovely readers. Thank you all for reading this, I hope you have a great evening,

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