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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fiftenth Birthday Blog Post | 2014

So today is a very exciting day for me, it’s my 15th Birthday! I still feel 14, and can’t believe we’re coming up to a year since I began my blog, but here I am celebrating a new age.
Lately I’ve been wanting to put up one of my lifestyle-like posts but feel a little stuck. I just feel so content and happy at the moment, and wanted to share it with you. Over the summer, I really feel like I changed as a person. I began to prioritise who are my true friends again, spend more time doing what I love – like blogging- and have had some unforgettable experiences.

The greatest thing is that I know this changing won’t end. I still have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this year, and am hopeful that there will be unexpected events along the way. I love grasping the moment now, looking back on the memories and planning for brand new ones.
I, like everyone, go through happy point and sad point, and sometimes both at the same time. However at the moment, I am happy, and I think the happiest I’ve been for a while. It’s the little things, often that build up to bigger things, and lately I have just been stopping looking around myself and smiling.

I am blessed to have a loving family and a dedicated set of friends, I am so lucky to have such incredible opportunities behind and ahead, and I am so happy to have you. Just the fact you clicked on this link, or stumbled across it by mistake means something. Especially I you’ve read through all my blabber and are still reading this.

My blog makes me extremely happy, and I would recommend starting one to anyone. It doesn’t have to be a scheduled weekly blog, just the odd post as a start and build it from there. Make friends, learn a new skill and give it a try. I’d love to help those, like me, who are still beginners to a certain extent, so please leave your links in the comments.

I hope to be getting up a few posts this week, but as I’ve put one up today, I don’t know if there will be one up on Sunday. I hope your days are all amazing,

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Have a lovely day.

    Bethany xxx