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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

So today’s my monthly book review post. Sorry it’s a little late but I was behind on my reading. However I have just finished ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ by John Green and I wanted to tell you all about it.

So, being honest here, all through this book I wasn’t overly impressed. I love John Green, I think most of us do, and his writing really is amazing but this novel isn’t one of my favourites. I loved ‘The Fault in our stars’ and ‘Looking for Alaska’, but this wasn’t the same standard for me.
An Abundance of Katherines is a romantic story, sort of, that really takes you on a journey. Colin, the main character, is taken along a route where his friendship, life choices, romances and actions are really tested.

I found this book really made me think. It touches on some deep subjects but keeps light-hearted throughout. An Abundance of Katherines is written well, and includes footnotes as a unique touch. I loved these as they really added something to look out for! They also linked so well to Colin and his character, so made it feel more real to read.

My favourite part of the book was definitely the end. Along the way, I was reading, not absorbed but not too bored. Alternatively at the end, I really felt Green had written it with so much more emotion. The last few pages really made me happy, and I felt I connected with the true Colin finding himself. I would love to know if you agree, if you’ve read this.

I would still recommend this to John Green fans, or mostly any readers. I would say though, that you must be prepared to read on even if it feels a little dull- it does get better! I think this would be great if you’re a teen who feels a little lost, that you want a purpose, that you want to be known or remembered. I would give An Abundance of Katherines 3/5 stars but it was still a good read!

So that’s my review. It’s quite short but that’s all I feel I want to say. Have you read An Abundance of Katherines? Let me know your opinion on it. Also if you have any requests, just drop me a comment and I’m sure to check it out! Have a wonderful week, stay smiling,

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