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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rocking the Red Lip - Make Up Look


Red lips. As classic a look as a little black dress, yet the tradition never wears old. Bold lips are a much-loved makeup statement that demands to be recognised, and even though I’m totally in awe of the look, it’s taken me a while to actually try it out. This is just a simple makeup tutorial of how I’ve been enjoying wearing red lips recently, I hope you enjoy it.

So I began this look with my easy skin makeup. I personally like to keep it simple but you can switch it up with your favourite look too. I’m using some of my Wake Me Up concealer to cover my spots and under-eye circles. Then I set it with my favourite powder, the Stay Matt one from Rimmel. If you’re interested, I used the contour brush for concealer and powder brush both from Real Techniques.

For the next step, I use my Sleek Au Natural palette, which is my beloved eyeshadow palette of matt and shimmer shades. I choose this dark brown black shade ‘Regal’ and put it all over the lid. I kept it quite basic and didn’t use any other shadows, but you could add a highlight or darker shade in the crease.

I then went in with a brown pencil eyeliner, drawing a thick line following the lashes. To make the look softer, I went in with a shadow brush and blended it out. I like the look of this because it’s subtle but has lots of details that makes the finish look so pretty.

To finish the eyes, I used my No7 Extreme Length mascara, layering it up to create full and thick lashes.

For the lips I based it around Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencil in ‘red essential’. This is a bold matt red lip shade that is a tad drying but super long lasting. I added a little lip moisturiser but not too much as it reduces the colour pigment.

Overall I really like this look. Although wearing a bold lip is a bit of a statement more then I’m used to, I enjoyed trying it out and complementing it with these neutral eyes.

Do you like wearing bold lips? Do you have any tips for matching them perfectly? I’d love to know in the comments, along with any other advice or recommendations you have. I hope you have a great day,

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  1. Beautiful! (: I love wearing red. My lips are naturally a greyish pale, so the red is really a contrast. I'm a bit more adventurous with the eyes, though, there's a lovely Wet'N'Wild shade that goes on in a dual-tone blue/brown color, and fades into a pink as the day goes on. While others might not appreciate it, it's really pretty! I'll also wear green sometime, because it highlights the small, yellow veins in my irises. :3

    Lovely, chica!