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Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Current Wishlist // Spring + Summer 2015

So today I am doing a post that I’ve never done before and I’m quite excited to try something new! I love reading other people’s wishlist-type posts and I thought it would be fun to make one of my own. Everyone has those items that they lust after but they’re either a little too out of our price zones or seem un-justifiable!  However, it is also important to treat ourselves once in a while and if you save up, it is so satisfying to tick of your most-wanted items! Today I have composed seven items which include fashion, makeup, accessories and books!

So the first thing on my list is this gorgeous denim shirt. I have seen so many stunning outfits made with denim shirts and when I recently tried one on, I have been desperately wanting one ever since! I love wearing skirts, they’re just my signature fashion item, but I am often looking for new ways I can create outfits with them. I think a denim shirt would be great because they are so versatile and could be worn season to season. I’m just reluctant because the shirt I am looking at, from New Look, is £17.99 and I’m not sure I could really rock the look!

So as I mentioned before, I am skirt-obsessed. I love them so much, they just make me feel confident and I feel they are slimming for my body shape! You can also get so many different types and patterns, so the choice never ends! I mostly buy my skirts from H&M, as they are comfy and cheap, but this skirt is from New Look. I love this monochrome daisy skirt because it is floral, another one of my major-fashion loves, and simple. It’s fair to say I might have to splurge… unless I find another one that I prefer!

The third item on my wishlist is a book. Fleur de Force is one of my absolute favourite Youtubers and bloggers and I can’t wait to get my hands on her book, The Glam Guide. She actually wrote this book herself, without a ghostwriter, and it is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I definitely think this will be on my bookshelf soon and I think the book is currently £14.99 in WHSmith and Waterstones.

Fourth is an accessory I never expected would enter my wishlist. The scrunchie is something I wore growing up, all through primary school and my younger years. When they came back into style I couldn’t understand why, yet now I really want one. I’m not swayed by the velvet ones, I think simple ones like this black one are quite cute! I’m still not 100% on them, but I’d love to know what you all think in the comments.

Fifth is another fashion item and it is, again, from New Look (I just think that store is rocking the spring/summer styles at the moment). I have never felt confident in shorts. I guess my body shape and one too many horrid holiday photos has put this idea in my head that shorts arnt for me, but this year I want to try them again. Some people look stunning in shorts and I’m going on holiday in the next few months, so I decided to search for a pair that were a little more ‘me’. These gorgeous light-wash denim shorts have a scalloped hem and pretty cut out designs. They’re so lovely but at £22.99 they are a bit of an investment purchase for me!

Sixth is- what, can you guess?- ANOTHER New Look garment. I already have one of these New Look ribbed tops and I love my black one, so when I saw this colour I fell in love. These tops are great to wear with skirts and shorts as they are cropped but not too much! I like the dusty pink shade as it adds a little colour and (I think) looks nice with my brown hair. There are 7 colours in the range of tops and at £7.99, are a bit of a bargain!

The last items I have been looking at are the Bourjois RougeEdition Velvet liquid lipsticks. There has been so many bloggers and Youtubers that love this range, and I have really been loving really bolder lip colours. There are 8 bold shades including bold and dark reds, pretty pinks and more berry shades. At the moment I think I am most swayed towards the shade Grand-Cru, which is the purple/ berry lip. If you have any of the lipsticks then I’d love to know your recommendations and thoughts! I think at £8.99 I’ll have to be sure before taking that trip to Boots/ Superdrug!

So that’s all! I know not all these seven will make their way to me, but hopefully I can get my hands on a few! What are your top wished-for things? I hope you liked this type of post and, as always, your reading of it and commenting is much appreciated. I wish you all a magnificent Sunday,

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