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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Liebster Award 2015

So I’ve been nominated for the liebster award and yes, I know I’ve already done one of these, but I think that they are so good for finding new blogs and are also fun Q&As. I hope you enjoy my answers, and remember to check the other blogs I’ll link down below.

1.       What beauty/skin product out of your current collection is your favourite?
Okay so I would say that my current favourite beauty product are either my Soap&Glory Supercat Liner or my Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks (which I reviews here). Both are great products and I use them nearly every day!

2.       How long have you been blogging for?
So I have been on mydaisychaincloset blogging for about a year and a bit, although it does not feel like it. I enjoy it so much and starting my blog was one of the best things I could’ve done. Blogging gives me something productive to put my time into, somewhere I can be creative and learn new skills.

3.       Blogging or Vlogging?
Well, I have only ever tried blogging but I think it’s the only one I could bear doing. I just feel it’s not for me but I’d never rule it out, I guess.

4.       Why did you start you blog?
I started my blog, as I think I’ve said before, because my best friend came up with the idea. I was doing DofE at the time, and wanted some ideas for something to do for my skill section. In the end, I didn’t use my blog but have loved it so much that I’ve kept it going.

5.       What is your favourite weekend activity?
On the weekends, along with getting piles of homework done, I love writing and taking blog photos, scrapbooking and meeting up with friends for a coffee/ lunch. For me, every weekend is different- so I do whatever I feel like on the day!

6.       If you could take one person anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would you take them?
I think this is a really hard questions. There are so many places I’d love to visit, so much I’d love to see and so many people I’d love to go with too! I think at the moment, I’d say that I’d take my best friend on holiday because it would be such a laugh and we would go to Disneyworld- Florida. One, because I love Disney and two, because we would have an amazing time!

7.       Favourite shop?
I’m not really sure if this means generally or specifically. For clothes, I’d say New Look and H&M. For makeup, it’s Boots (obviously). Other favourites are Hobbycraft, for scrapbooking and craft and The Body Shop, for really nice bath and body stuff.

8.       Starbucks or Costa?
I would say Starbucks in the summer, Costa in the winter. However I have more Costa overall then Starbucks because we have one in our town, and I’ve only had Starbucks about five times in my life.

9.       Do you join the #fblchat or #bloghour on twitter and if so do you enjoy it?
I feel a little weird about this because I don’t have a clue what they are. I don’t have twitter, and don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon, so no I haven’t joined it! Please comment below to let me know what #fblchat or #bloghour is!

10.   What is your favourite book?
My favourite book is One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley. I love this autobiography as it is inspirational and a beautiful story. For a novel, I have always loved Heaven by Christoph Marzi which is a urban fantasy, full of lovely description and a gripping storyline!

11.   Whose blog have you been looking at a lot recently?
Hannah’s blog: Glitter Melody. Her blog has been improving so much over the last few months and at the moment her blog photography is so inspiring. I love her posts, especially her OOTDs, and so Glitter Melody is the blog ive been following loads over the last month or so.

So that’s the questions answered! Now it’s time for me to nominate the other blogs and I’ve decided that, as this is my second time doing the award, I will nominate some new blogs I’ve never mentioned before but ones I really believe deserve the title. I hope you’ll check them out and discover some new names!!! I nominate…

1.       Can I Borrow That Top -
2.       Lexi Rose May - (a brand new blogger so let’s show her some support)
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4.       Dreaming of Pancakes-
5.       The Halfway Point-
6.       Zola Blog-
7.       Bubble Pandas-
8.       Three Miscellaneous Girls-
9.       Powdered Paris- (another amazing newbie)
11.   The Perks Of Being Emily-

And now for the questions I want to ask….

·         If you had to sum up your blog in one sentence, what would it be?
·         What's three things you want to achieve this year? One big and one small.
·         What’s at the top of your current wishlist?
·         If you could be best friends with any blogger/ youtuber, who would it be?
·         Favourite quote?
·         If time had to stop and you were frozen at one point in your life, which point would you choose and why?
·         Favourite film and why?
·         Your top essential for a holiday/ packing?
·         What's your favourite coffee shop and what is your most common order? I.e. Café Nero, Starbucks, Costa Coffee etc.
·         Your slightly odd guilty pleasure?
·         Your favourite book and a bit about it?

So that’s the post done. I hope you liked my answers and will check out some of these amazing new bloggers! I can’t wait to read the posts for the nominees, so please link them down below!! I hope you all have a wonderful day,

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  1. Ooh, thank you so much for the nomination! Loved your answers, and thanks for the questions :D ♡