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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dragon's Egg- Lush bath bomb review


So this post is a review I am doing on one of the bath products from Lush ( I have never purchased anything from the shop before, but have heard positive reviews and recommendations. The shop sells a variety of products, that have a variety of prices as well, and the product I tested was a ‘Dragon’s Egg Bath bomb’. The product is available in store or here: The bath bomb cost £3.25, which isn’t too expensive but for a product that only lasts for a single bath- it isn’t cheap.

I was happy with this product, as my first ever buy from the shop, and give it a 7/10 rating. I enjoyed the bath bomb but I did have mixed feelings.

When I first dropped the bath bomb into the water, it was quickly and foamed in the water, breaking apart and spreading a blue colour liquid. This colour intensifies and stays steady for a bit. This stayed the same for a period and then eventually it turned the water yellow.
As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly the colour you would desire in your bath, for obvious reasons, but it was bright and had a strong pigment. This yellow colour changed to orange and this was the end of the colour changes.
I had expected more colours, maybe pink or blue, like the spots on the bath bomb. I am unsure if this was just a fault in my product, or if all of the Lush ‘Dragon’s Egg’ bath bombs only give you this series of colours.

I was happy though, the colours were strong and did change the bath water, but I guess it’s your choice if you think 3 changes in colour is worth £3.25.

Please leave comments about your ideas and reviews of the ‘Dragon’s Egg’ bath bomb and any recommendations that you may have.

I hope you enjoyed this, below I leave a video of some footage I got of the bath bomb, sorry the lighting is bad. Thanks,

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