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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring Nail Polishes


So today’s post is going to be a beauty post themed around spring. Here I am reviewing some spring nail polishes, my favourite colours and brands, but also I am including a nail polish I was displeased with. I hope you enjoy my thoughts, and will consider some of these fabulous products.

On all the nail polishes I used my Barry M clear topcoat, basecoat and hardener, which I love so much, as it keeps your nails strong, prevents chipping and adds a lovely sheen and shine to the paint.

The first colour I wore for spring was a bright blue shade. Barry M’s ‘Blueberry’ is a vivid, beautiful tone of blue and is perfect for spring/ summer days when you feel happy. This was the first time I have tried any of the ‘gelly nail effect’ nail polishes from Barry M, which retail at £3.99, and I loved it! The polishes are not dissimilar to the normal nail paint, but they do have a slightly thicker consistency and are must more pigmented. I coated mine twice, but this polish would be fine at a single coat. The polish is a royal blue, with under-tones of a somewhat purple/ lavender colour. Overall I give this nail polish an amazing 9/10, I’m sure to be re-wearing this soon! You can buy the product here:

The next colour is a pastel shade. Pastel colours are always loved in spring time and this is one of my favourites. Barry M’s ‘mint green’, is what it says on the packaging, a perfect mint colour. It is not to strong but still well pigmented. This is an annual favourite for me, and I always get a lot of compliments on it. It is the normal Barry M ‘nail paint’ and is available here:, for only £2.99! I give ‘mint green’ a great 8/10.

The next colour I wore was a huge disappointment. I bought this polish recently from Barry M, if you haven’t guessed my favourite nail polish brand, and was so unhappy. I wanted a lovely pastel pink/ nude shade for the Easter time, and this product was a failure. I bought ‘nude’, a normal Barry M nail paint, and expected a good result. The problem was that the colour was so un-pigmented that it needed many coats to attain any colour, and this had an unusual effect on the paint. 
The colour was gorgeous, after the many coats, but even after it had had time to dry it seemed to pull off and had a gungy sticky texture. I had no choice than to take it off after barely a day of wear. I hope this was just my personal product, let me know in the comments. I do not recommend it and give it only 1/10, which is just for the colour that did not last!

The next nail colour I tried was a simple colour I have worn before (sorry for the blurry images). My light blue nail polish is a New Look ‘GOLD’ (Giles) nail polish, that I bought last year at a New Look Store. I’m not sure if the product is still available but the light blue is so pretty for spring. 
The paint doesn’t need many coats, and doesn’t chip easily- so I really like it. The light blue really refreshes your nails for spring, and is perfect for summer too! Mine is in the colour Skye, and cost only £2.99! For a similar price and colour match, Barry M’s ‘blue moon’ nail paint is available here:

The final nail polish I wore was a basic lilac. I love to wear lilac/ lavender purple shade on my nails because it is girly without being over the top, and a lovely alternative to pastel colours. Mine was a freebie from a BLISS magazine last year, but again a similar colour is

So what colours/ brands of nail polish do you like to wear in spring, do you adore bright neons or crave simple pastels? Let me know your recommendations down below, have a lovely Easter!

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