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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Wardrobe Cleanse

Hey everyone. So it's new year. Twenty Sixteen. Along with the pledge we give to eat healthier and go to the gym everyday (not something I think I'll ever do), the new year also gives us the chance to get organised for the months ahead. For me, I took this as a chance to clear all my Christmas decorations and clean up my bedroom. Furthermore, I decided it was time to take on my over-filled wardrobe and give it the cleanse it clearly needed. This trio of posts sees how I did it and my next steps.

One of my favourite bloggers is Anna from Viviana Does Makeup. In the past, I’ve watched a series of videos where she’s cleaned out her wardrobe and, as she has talked recently about her ‘capsule wardrobe’, it inspired me to review my wardrobe and downsize it to the bits I actually wear and love.

Cleaning out my wardrobe was a daunting and difficult task. It resulted in me spending a whole day, suited in my pjs, going throw every top, hat and pair of socks. However it was so worth it! My wardrobe doors now shut and the two bin bags worth of unnecessary clothes have left me with far more space and more understanding of what my wardrobe needs.

And here, more or less is how I did it, step by step:

1.       Get yourself reading for this challenge. Whether it’s a series of Youtube videos, a high-energy music playlist or a catch up Netflix, put something on in the background to get you through.

2.       To begin, I took EVERYTHING out and started from scratch. Every shoe, hanger and odd sock. I piled it all up onto my bed and began to tackle throw, starting with the main section of my wardrobe.

3.       After I’d put back in the obvious items, like my favourite tops and everyday pair of jeans, I began to go throw each item. I had to make sure that a) the item still fit, b) it was something I had worn in the last year and c) it was something that was necessary to my wardrobe. I began to ask myself if I really liked it that much and if it was something I’d actually style into an outfit. If the answer was no, it didn’t go back in.
During this process, I came across old tops I hadn't seen in months and I even found this astonishing pair of neon palm pattern shorts... it's fair to say I clearly haven't done a deep clear of my wardrobe for a while. 

4.       Then I moved onto my drawers and did the same. All the things that I didn’t need to hang up in the main section, I folded or rolled away. In my drawers, I like to use the Ikea drawer dividers because it gives you clear sections to store items in.

5.       By the end of the day, I’d formed two bin bags of old clothes, shoes and other bits. I decided to give all the bits to charity, so will be taking both bags down to my local shop this week. I just think it’s a nice way to give back. After all, I didn’t need those things and as they’re good quality, the charity shop can sell them to actually make money for a good cause. So I’d urge you to think about doing it, it makes you feel good and clears space in your wardrobe.

Once you’ve got through all your clothes and put them all back in in a neat and tidy way, it’s time to take a break and relax. You’ve done it.

So here are my tips for how to have a wardrobe clean out. In the next few posts, I will cover my next steps which includes my clean out wishlist and wardrobe top items. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know your tips in the comments, much love,
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