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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Five Favourites From My Wardrobe | The Wardrobe Cleanse

Hey everyone. Often on this blog, I chat to you about my newly loved outfits and items I’ve picked up recently, but it is often those wardrobe basics that are most key to a person’s style. I am also quite nosey, so think I would enjoy finding out where a certain person’s jeans are from and what their favourite dress is! So today, I thought, as a part 3 to my wardrobe cleanse series that’s been going on this January, I would tell you about my five wardrobe favourites.

Ok. Let’s begin with a plain and simple essential that is in most of our wardrobes: jeans. Surprisingly, I didn’t actually own a pair of jeans at all until March last year because I also felt too self-conscious to wear them. However, I know live in mine. I most commonly where blue jeans, and although my New Look ones did a few months, I’ve now moved on to some Miss Selfridge ones. These jeans are a more stretchy denim, so I feel they can hug you quite well and are also very comfy. On the other hand though, I do think they are beginning to sag in areas, but I’m hoping this isn’t true because they certainly wernt cheap! Overall though, I’m pretty happy, and only turn to my old jeans if I want some dark denim to add to the look I’m wearing. Jeans are so practical to have and are also key for outfits all year round!

Hmm… what to move onto next?! Ok, so I’ve next chosen an item that is so basic but something that I completely reply on for casual and day-to-day wear. It is my basic Primark t-shirts. At £1.80 this t-shirt was first picked up for a pjs top, but now I have a range of them in my wardrobe. Although Primark isn’t the best quality, and my t-shirts are quite thin and some have bobbled, they do. When you don’t want to spend loads on basics, these are the way to go and I actually find their fit rather flattering.

So this item I’ve throw in because I think it deserves to be in this. I have had this black floral skater skirt since I started this blog back in 2013! It was, as far as I can remember, the first proper item that I didn’t buy from New Look and an item that was a bit different. It was my first skater skirt and fuelled my love for black floral garments. I have worn this endlessly over the years, and I would still wear it now. These skater skirts give a lovely fit and this one has actually lasted! My black one, which I bought a month or two later (although I probably worn the plain black one more overall) lost its shape and had to be thrown away about a year back. However, I’d say, if you like skirts, give these a go. They still sell loads of skater skirts in H&M (where this ones from) in a bunch of lovely styles and prints.

Now, I tried not to be too seasonal with this ‘wardrobe favourites’, and tried to choose items that worked all year round. However, my black sleeve long top gets so much wear, through autumn, winter and half of spring, that I thought I’d pop it in. I really re-discovered the black long-sleeve top this season and realised that in the cooler month, long sleeve tops are literally my saviour.  It works with jeans, skirts- dressed up or down, it sorts out nearly all my outfits. On the other hand though, if you’ve read part two of this series- my wishlist post, you’d know that mine is actually a little worse for wear and I’m now looking to buy a new one!

My fifth item is another black skirt, yes a combination of the last two items in a way, but this is my ‘dressing’ item. I bought this black lace skirt for Topshop last year and when I did it was SO out of my comfort zone. Back then, I wrote a post all about it (which I’ll link here) and after wearing it a few times I gained so much confidence from it. This skirt gave me a figure that I actually liked and didn’t feel I needed to hide. With any top, this skirt dresses up a look and it also surprising comfortable (as long as you don’t eat piles and piles of food). Although it want the cheapest at the item, I know this item will last super well. I’m not sure they still sell this one (but I did see the white/cream version in the sale recently) but most Topshop skirts are actually a great buy. For me, this skirt makes more fancy outfits fuss-free and simple, as well as form-fitting and flattering.

So there are my five wardrobe favourites. They’re not my most adventurous items but the ones I rely on all year round to see me through. What are you wardrobe essentials? I’d love to know. Also, I am aware that my uploads have been a little sporadic lately but my challenge for 2015 was to write what I love, so I haven’t been forcing it.

Thanks for all you lovely people who’ve read this, please leave a comment to let me know you’re thoughts as the ‘wardrobe cleanse’ series comes to a close as well. Thanks for reading, much love, 
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