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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Wishlist | The Wardrobe Cleanse

Hey everyone. So today bring part two of ‘my wardrobe cleanse’ series this January, my post-clear out wishlist. After getting rid of all the old clothes and realising what I actually had in my collection, I decided to create a wishlist. This isn’t like my normal seasonal ones, this is just a set of items of what I think I really need- so it is mostly the basics I feel I am lacking.

1.       So let’s jump right in. One item that I knew I was lacking was a good pair of black jeans. I have an old pair but they’re past their best and had got to the stage that the denim had turned rigid and uncomfortable. The pair I really want, and think I will be treating myself to too, is the Leigh jeans from Topshop. I want a pair that I feel really confident in, that suit me and that are a good quality. I know these will be pricy but I think I’ll be investing soon because jeans are the sort of item that are worth it, as they get so much use.

2.       Next is another item that I feel my wardrobe needs, a pair of flat Chelsea boots. For Christmas this year I got a lovely pair of more ‘going out’ black boots, with a slight heel, but they are the kind of shoes that I wouldn’t wear every day. I get so much use out of my brown Chelsea boots in the autumn winter, and I think that soon (especially when I join sixth form in September) I’ll need a similar black pair. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting any anytime soon. At the moment I’m happy with the ones I have but in long-term these would be ideal, I think the example pair is from New Look by the way.

3.       The third item is this dress, that to be honest isn’t an item that I would’ve seen my wardrobe needs, but I got it recently in the New Look sale and now I see that it fills a gap perfectly in my wardrobe. This dress is a bodycon lace number, which is slightly high neck and really fitted. A year ago, this is the type of dress that I wouldn’t have even considered, but since I’ve lost a little weight and my confidence has boosted a lot, I tried it on and loved it. As it was cheap, this is a great choice for parties, as it doesn’t matter too much if it gets ruined. I even wore it on New Years!

4.       In the last few months, I have realised how much I love my black long sleeved top. However, now it has a hole in the arm and I’ve realised it is slightly see-throw in some lights, so I think I need a new one. In the colder months, these tops are an essential. They’re fab for throwing on with jeans or tucking skirts into them. I think they’re so important for building looks on and I also find having longer sleeves makes the look a little more flattering (not to mention warmer). This one from H&M is a pretty good bargain and is probably more opaque than the Primark offering may be!

5.       One garment that I could clearly see me wardrobe lacked, were some more dressy tops. I have quite a lot of casual stuff, but got rid of a lot of my old un-used tops and now my wardrobe seems to be lacking. I found this shirt on Oasis and love it. With me, you can generally not go wrong if it’s floral and I like the spring-time feel of this. I’ve always liked the look of shirts, either worn with a little skirt or matched with simple jeans, and I think this would be a nice addition to my closet. I think this, along with the denim skirt that is coming up as item 7, would be a great outfit that both suits me and my style… I just wish money grew on trees sometimes…

6.       Every wardrobe needs one, and I don’t have one.A basic white tee is one of the most practical and wearable garments that practically shout summer. I’ve wanted a white t-shirt for ages, just as a staple to wear with key garments, but I never prioritise buying basics over special items. However, I know the next time I see one, the white t-shirt will need to be bought. With spring summer style only a whisper away, I know I will get so much wear out of this and you can buy them at a reasonably cheap price too!

7.       When writing wishlists, I feel there is always an item that you see as you’re favourite in the collection. And this final garment has become the favourite out of these. This gorgeous Topshop denimskirt is so simple and effortless that I NEED IT IN MY LIFE (and wardrobe). I liked the trend last summer of the button up blue denim skirt, but I found they never suited me. However, this black version (button-less), seems a little more ‘me’ and I can see it becoming a very well-worn and well-loved essential. However, with the Topshop name on the label it comes at a price. At £26 this is no bargain but I feel the simple features will ensure a good fit and with all Topshop items, it will also ensure a good quality item. I also feel that this skirt, like nearly all denim wear, would be great for any, and every, season and could easily become a timeless piece of wear.

So what do you think of these items? What essentials do you know you’re wardrobe lacks? What will you be waiting till payday to purchase? For me, I want these ALL but I know that I’ll probably still be window-shopping them all for a while!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it is one of my favourite style-themed posts to write and create, but also to read myself! As always, I’d appreciate feedback and if you are new then please check out my links below to stay updated! I hope you’re Januarys are going well, much love,
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