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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What I Think About The Rimmel Kate Lipsticks + Swatches

Hey everyone. Today I want to talk to you about my favourite drugstore lipsticks, all from the amazing Kate range by Rimmel. There’s a range of colours, swatches and of course my thoughts on them all.

The Rimmel lipsticks are mostly fab, but the best are definitely found in the Kate Moss range. There is a great choice of shades, from nudes to bolds, and they are completely affordable. The formulation is super creamy and they also last a reasonably long time on the lips (depending on how bold). 

There are three types of Kate Rimmel lippys- lasting finish (black packaging), matte (red packaging) and nudes (nude packaging). The lasting finish lipsticks have a complete range of shades, rosy nudes to electric reds, the nudes is-no surprise- comprised of different nudes for different skin tones and the mattes is four red/berry matte formulations. However, all the lippys are just £5.49- HOW INSANE IS THAT!

For under £6, you can get pretty much any shade you want and they’re such good quality!
I have three of the lipsticks from the ranges- two lasting finishes, a your-lips-but-better pink and a rich berry, and I have also recently picked up the cult-red in the matte range.

Let’s start with the nudey pink. The shade 08 is a lovely soft pink shade. It’s so pretty and natural but adds a lovely pink touch. I think this lipstick is great for beginners using lipsticks (it was one of my first ones), and would look perfect with makeup looks that are either natural or bold on the eyes.

Second is the other lasting finish lipstick which is a warm berry. The shade is 03 and is a more purple-than-red burgundy. It’s so autumnal and warm, yet the creamy consistency makes it easy to wear. I like this because it’s a bit warmer than a lot of dark lippys.

The last is the famous, well loved, Rimmel 107. Not only is this Zoella’s favourite lipstick but it is also an amazing drugstore dupe of a lot of dark lipsticks. I picked this up, as there was such a hype around this, and I wasn’t disappointed. At first, I wasn’t too keen on this. It’s hugely similar to the 08 lasting finish, but is a slight tint redder. This one is matte however, so does look different on.

Overall, these three lippys are the lipsticks I turn to so much. At such an affordable price, how can you not? If you’ve never tried these- go out and pick one! They’re such good value for money and there are so many pretty shades.

So that is all from this little lipstick review- how you tried any of these? Also, I have finally worked out how to do the comment section thing- so please drop me a comment! Thanks so much for reading, 

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