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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Two Years Blogging?!

Hey everyone. When I started year 11, I knew it was going to be extremely busy but this week has been unlike anything else. It sadly means that I flew by the 9th of November without a spare thought- even though it celebrates my anniversary of this blog.

It is insane that it’s been two years that I’ve been blogging. I love my blog so much and it’s such a lovely hobby and challenge that time just seems to fly by. I don’t know how long I will blog until, it’s never something I’ve really thought of or planned, so I take every post as it comes- and I try to better myself every time. I have goals and plans, and I am so proud of how far I’ve come too.

When I reflect on how far I’ve come, the thought that always hits me is that if you’re considering it-so it. It doesn’t have to world-wide, or even public. Don’t do it for other people but for you- its therapeutic and fun!

My blog is one of my proudest achievements, as well as one of my least-known attributes, however it is still amazingly special to me.

On this day each year, I like to review back on my blog but also look at some of the statistics from now, so that I can look back in the future. So here’s what happens:

206 blog posts
Readers from 10 different countries
7126 overall reads, I think this counts my own though
3316 views from the USA
21 book reviews
My most popular post is Holiday Lookbook | Spring Summer

So there’s this quick update post. If you are one of my lovely readers, or have just come across this post, thank you- you’re amazing and I’m so thankful that you’ve taken the time to read. I will be getting back on track with blogging (hopefully) and a post should be up next week! Thanks, have a wonderful weekend, 
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