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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My winter essentials

Now the month of advent has started, winter is well and truly here. I’m sure most of us, that celebrate Christmas, are in the festive spirit with Christmas shopping, tasty creates and decorations being slowly hung up and brought out. So I thought I’d post a few of my winter essentials that keep me going and help me celebrate the best of this sensational season. These include some fashion favourites, beauty basics and even some odd ones out!

First I’m going to start with beauty.

The Body Shop’s lip butters are undoubtedly my favourite lip product this season. They are my absolute most favourite item in my make up bag even, because they stop my horrible dry lips and smell and taste amazing! I personally have the coconut lip butter, which I’ve had for a while. These cost £4 and are only available at the Body Shop but I can completely recommend them.

My next beauty product is my L’Oreal inflammable eye shadow. I have the golden shade, which is perfect for the party season. These L’Oreal eye shadows are really well pigmented and I also think they last really well. I love my eye shadow and it is normally the first one I will reach for. I normally use this on my lid and then I sometimes use another colour in my crease of my eyelid.  

And my final beauty essential is my BarryM brown nail polish. I absolutely adore BarryM and mostly all of their nail polishes. I think they have a really nice coverage- so only one or two coats, and there is a good range of colour. Not forgetting that BarryM is in a realistic price range for most people. I really like to wear bright colours in summer, like most, and I have been searching for some nice shades for winter. Out of my purchases of a berry colour, black, sparkle/glitter and the nude to brown shade, the brown worked best. It matches all outfits and works like a pink-y nude but with a warmer deeper shade in it too. I completely recommend this as it is my favourite nail polish and is so nice for the season!

Now I’m going to talk about my fashion favourites.

Firstly, one of my winter must haves is festive wear. Although I haven’t yet purchased a truly Christmas jumper, I love my festive clothing. It can be as simple as a Christmas pattern or reindeers in a row, festive clothes and pattern really make me feel Christmassy! The examples in the photo are my Primark reindeer pattern skirt, my awesome Christmas pudding beanie and my snowflake sort of print jumper, comment bellow if you want to see how I style these!

Statement necklaces are also one of my absolute favourites. They look good with everything- from dresses to jumpers, and I just think they really can add to the outfit. In the photo is my favourite necklace which is a cute bird necklace from Dorothy Perkins.

Next of my fashion favourites are fuzzy socks and bed socks. These are the best things on Earth. It is simple because they are. Who doesn’t love fuzzy bed socks? Bed socks can be worn by anyone and in any way. You can wear them in bed with pyjamas, match them with converse or combat boots (for fashion and comfort); you could even wear them with some heels if you really worked on the look.

Now for some odd one outs. These are just some random things I love in the winter time!

Candles! I really love my candle, called ‘traditional Christmas’ as it smells so beautiful and festive. It cost £4.99 from Homesence, a UK store, and is a large single wick candle. I love the smell as it is subtle but leaves your room with a warm after scent with smells amazing! The scent of mine reminds me of chocolate for some reason and I just love how warm in smells.

I really like to burn my candles when wrapping Christmas presents, with my Christmas lights twinkling in the background too!

Christmas planning. I LOVE Christmas because it is literally the best day of the year and I just love Christmas planning. Wrapping presents, buying gifts, decorating, Christmas food, festive adverts, carols, family and just the merriment shared at this jolly time of year!

Please let me know if you want a Christmas planning post or any other. Love life, live on and be happy.