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Sunday, 9 November 2014

One Year Blogging!

So I'm super excited because this month hold's the brilliant event of my blog's 1 year anniversary.
I can't believe is one year old, it feels like only yesterday that I decided to make my own spot on the internet and I've loved every second since.

When I made this blog I didnt know what to except. I think I thought that it would be a place where one or two people would read my thoughts but now I feel like part of a blogging community. I love to blog, and if you're considering it- please do! My blog makes me happy, and I feel proud of all I put on it.

Over the last year, I feel like so much of my blogging has improved- including my writing, presenting, photography and communicating with my audience and other bloggers. My first year has seen the new look of my blog, joint blog posts, my travel diary, #summerstyle and monthly book reviews. Some of my favourite posts are my Kimono OOTDwhat's in my travel bag but all of my posts I love.

I want to thank all of my followers and readers. I mainly find followers on blogger, google+ and bloglovin, and if you want to subscribe please follow links at the bottom of the page.

Here are some statistics about mydaisychaincloset for you:

85 blog posts
Readers from 10 different countries
2125 overall reads, I think this counts my own though
850 views from the USA
9 book reviews
My most popular post is a Review on my Primark Boots

To celebrate the 1st anninversary of a few things will be taking place.

The first is that my username, found at the bottom of every blog post is changing from Lydia xoxox to Lydia Eve. This means that you can now find me on all my social networks as Lydia Eve, or something similar i.e. lydia_eve.

The second, and probably most exciting, thing is that I now have more social media pages. I have my Bloglovin and Google+, but I have now made a Pinterest page for the blog, where you can follow blog posts and things I pin, as well as a Qoohme page, where I will be hosting Q&As.
I want my audience to know me better, and having a Qoohme page lets me do it. Here you can get an account and ask me questions, which I can then include in posts. I would really appriciate you getting an account because it means I can communicate with my audience better.
I am also inviting some bloggers to join me in using the website. This is optional to them, but I would love it!
I'm tagging JennyBeccaNiaBethany and Hannah, and also YOU.

I am also planning some exciting things for December this year, so stay tuned and subscribe!

But I also wanted to say a huge thank you to all my readers and subscribers. It means so much that you've even read this post. I love blogging, and it is now my favourite hobby. Your reads and comments really cheer me up, and I feel your support is what has kept me blogging and will keep my blogging. Thank you to all the lovely girlies I have also had the please of emailing or collabing with, I love that we can all come together as a community.

So my blog is now one, and I'm sure it will keep evolving and changing for a while longer. I hope you have enjoyed this post, are excited for the new news and what's to come. As always, I hope your days are amazing,

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(See, it's a new name logo, hehehe isn't it exciting!)


  1. Yay, happy blog birthday! I will check out Qoohme... Also do you want to guest post on my blog during blogmas? If you do then shoot me an email and we can talk details....

    Bethany x

  2. Happy Bloggaversary!!! ^.^ That's so huge. I'll be sure to follow you on Pinterest, and will check out Qoohme! :)

  3. Thanks for your support guys x

  4. Happy Blogirthday! hahah (totally butchered that) I love you blog so much, it's so inspiring and you are so creative :) Thanks for the tag will check out the website! Can't wait to see more from you whoooooo!

    Jennos Health.