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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Q&A#1 \\ general

Okay, so this is a very exciting post for me because it is my very first Q&A. These questions have come from you, my readers, and if you want to ask a question for my next Q&A, just go over to my Q&A page. On with the questions...

Other than blogging, what do you enjoy doing?
I do really love blogging, but I enjoy many other things to. In school I enjoy English and Art, as well as loving netball –my favourite sport- which I play in the school team. Other random hobbies of mine are scrapbooking, reading, painting and baking.

Do you prefer Christmas or your birthday?
Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the whole year and nothing can beat it. At Christmas, there’s festive music and adverts for months before and hours spent over choosing and shopping for others gifts. The excitement in a child’s face at Christmas and the daily advent chocolates all add up to this amazing day. Family’s come together and eat, and laugh and smile. It’s magical.
Birthdays are still great but I prefer when you can give and receive on the same day, instead of the attention being all on you.

What are your top five songs?
I change my music SOOO often but five of the songs, that I thing will never leave my ipod, are:
  1. The Promise- Emma Blackery
  2. We Are One- Lion King 2 (My favourite Disney song)
  3. What a Night- Loveable Rouges
  4. Imagine- Nico & Vinz
  5. I am also loving James Bay in general

What is your favourite quote?
I think it is a nice idea to live your life by one quote, but for me I just like so many. My favourite quotes changes all the time, depending on my mood/ situation. My favourite quote used to be ‘friends are never apart, maybe by distance but never by heart’, because I left a lot of my friends when I moved back to the UK and I always wanted to remember that that didn’t mean our friendships were over.
I also like a lot of quotes about happiness, such as ‘happiness is a state of mind’, ‘find joy in the ordinary’, ‘when it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark, look for stars’ and ‘happiness is letting go of what you think your life should look like and celebrating it for everything it is’.

What are things that make you laugh?
My best friend, Miranda Hart, family, old memories, my guide friends. So many things.

Favourite 3 ever movies
These questions are really difficult! I do watch quite a few movies, but I love modern movies, slightly older movies, Disney movies, festive movies- too much choice. In general my favourite movies, in no particular order, are: 
  • Father of the Bride (1991)
  • About Time (2013)
  •  Disney- I can’t decide between them, sorry- either UP, Beauty and the Beast or Tangled.

What is your favourite season and why?
Winter. If you didn’t gather from the earlier question, I love Christmas and winter brings Christmas. Cold days wrapped up in a coats with a hot chocolate in your cosy PJs, what more could you want. Not forgetting snow, Christmas lights and winter drinks.

What is your best blogging advice! your blog is great btw
Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoy reading it. I wouldn’t say I’m in a position to give too much advice about blogging, as my blog is still small, but there are a few top tips I have for new bloggers.
  • Don’t give up, you’ll improve with time. It takes quite a lot of time to expand your audience and the quality of your posts, but keep going.
  •  Plan and schedule your posts. For the first few months I didn’t plan or schedule, and I posted at random points with any idea that went into my head. Now, every month I plan ahead of the month and decide on what sort of posts I want to write. I keep it all in my blog notebook, which is one tip I really recommend
  • Photography. For me, the photography on my blog is one thing I am truly proud of. I am very lucky to have an amazing camera, but if you or you don’t, make sure that your photos are focused and aesthetically pleasing! One of my favourite posts about blog photography is linked here.
  • Write about what you love. Never stop doing this, or you shouldn’t be writing anything because people come to your blog for what you have to say

And that is all my questions! I hope you liked me answers! Anyone can ask a question on my Q&A page, and you can stay anonymous if you want! Next months Q&A is going to be winter/ Christmas themed, so go over and ask me some questions! Thank you so much, I hope your day is going to be wonderful, 

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