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Friday, 15 November 2013

Review on my Primark boots

As this is my first review I wanted to let you know the layout I will be using. I will start with some initial information and then section into rate out of 5 for value for money, fashionability, practicality and then an overall rate out of 10 for the product.

On my last exciting trip to Primark, I purchased myself my first ever pair of combat boots. The tan-coloured £18 boots are simple lace ups that are perfect for the season. I really love these boots because they’re so easy to style, look amazing really simply and can be a statement or complement to another garment.

Value for money

These shoes cost £18, which is a good price for boots in my eyes. They are really good boots and I haven’t found a fault with them yet, so I think they are really good shoes. They are available in black and tan- though I personally prefer tan. I’d pay £30 for these shoes, if not more because, although they are Primark boots, they are good quality and such a cute style. 4/5


Combat boots are a perfect garment for autumn and winter as they are really cute with seasonal outfits and are suitable to the weather and environment we live in. I match mine with frilled socks, decorative Christmas socks (at this time of year) as well as occasionally wearing them with plain berry or black fuzzy socks. You can wear them with socks, tights or nothing as I find that they don’t rub at all. 4/5


I really love my combat boots for the fact they look good AND they’re practical. They are completely waterproof, I’ve tested this, and if they get muddy, it is easy to rub it off. Boots, especially combat boots are great to keep your feet warm and dry in the UK’s unpredictable weather. I love them because you could where them walking or to a party, you could wear them out on the weekend or on a long trip- there are so many options for these brilliant boots. 4/5

Rate out of 10

Overall I love these shoes! They are currently my favourite things to wear and I’m sure to be wearing them all this year and probably into next year too! I completely recommend them as they’re cheap for boots, easy to wear and style and such a staple for fall fashion! I give them a rating of 9/10!