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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mac Makeover And Haul

Hey everyone. So today I wanted to chat about something I got up to last week, a Mac makeover. I also picked up my first ever Mac products, so thought I’d do a tiny haul for you.

For my sixteenth birthday, my Auntie bought me an hour Mac makeover. However, I was extremely busy and didn’t get around to actually booking it until half term last week. I was really excited to get it done, I’ve never really had a makeover and wanted to try some Mac products.

I had a lovely woman called Fern do my makeup, in my local Debenhams store. She was really nice and chatty, asking what I wanted and what I thought the whole way through. I asked for a mock-up for Prom makeup so I could get some ideas for what I will do with my makeup- we decided on a warm neutral toned light smoky eye. As I don’t really wear a lot of thick foundation, she went for a lighter powder one- so she was really understanding.

It was really interesting watching someone who actually knows how to put makeup on put my makeup on! In the hour we had, Fern did my skin, base, eyes and lips. Then, as I was unsure about the lip choice, we tried a few different options!

After the appointment, I felt really inspired. I loved the makeup look and although it wasn’t the sort of makeup for every day, I was impressed by the products and I had so many ideas. At the end of the makeup, I got to choose products up to the price of the makeover (£30). Fern wrote up all the products she used, and created this face drawing so I could see the makeup she’d used and so I’d know how to recreate it!

So, I got two items. I went over the £30 limit but I fancied treating myself to some really nice makeup!

The first item I got was an eyeshadow palette. I got the ‘AMBER’ palette which Fern used on my eyes, a nine-shadow set of lovely shades from glittery golds to warmer matte browns. Although it was pricy at £30, it was the amount of the makeover and something that I felt was good value. I knew I’d wear those shadows all the time, and the variety of shades meant that I could create every day and more dramatic looks. Furthermore, the eyeshadows are such great quality and they really blend easily. So far, I’ve been loving using this palette and have particularly loved the shade ‘Gorgina Peach’ blended with darker shades.

The second item I picked up was an obvious one, a Mac lippy! I knew I wanted to pick up my first Mac lipstick, and my nan actually treated me to this! I tried a few shades at the makeover, including Twig, Viva Glam 2 and Velvet Teddy. In the end, I found twig was a slight bit too dramatic and Viva Glam 2 was quite enough, so I went for the warm brownish nude Velvet Teddy. I’ve been wearing this one hell-of-a lot already and have enjoyed having such a nice quality lippy!

I am so happy with the products I picked up from Mac and really enjoyed the makeover I had. If you were considering it, I’d really recommend it! If you have any Mac recommendations than I’d love to know, so let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading, much love, 
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  1. I really want to have a MAC makeover! I think I might do one for prom!