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Friday, 8 November 2013

My first blog.

Hello, my name is Lydia and this is my blog. I am 14 years old and live in the UK, and this post is letting you know a bit about the writer of ‘My Daisychain C loset’. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as these are things that make me feel happy- and you’ll learn that I am mostly a very optimistic person. My interests include reading, art and fashion, and I am overall viewed as a highly creative personality. 

‘My Daisychain Closet’ was an idea that came to me from my best fiend. I am currently taking part in my DofE award (Duke of Edinburgh), which is an achievement that is earned through volunteering, sport, skill work and a physical walk. I had no idea of an idea to do for my skill but I have always had a passionate interest in fashion. I do testiles at school and have always been designing drawing and sketches, as well as being interested in the construction of an outfit. I watch lots of fashion gurus on Youtube- including Zoella, Stillababe09 and BeautybySienna, but the idea of Youtube is something I am too scared and not really aloud to take part in so- I thought I’d start a blog.

But I’m not your average beauty guru. I’m not super skinny and beautiful, wearing designer clothes all year round, no; I’m a normal girl that has an interest in the way clothing can express feeling and piece together to create a unique outfit. I have a budget and buy at high street stores, so I hope this blog, in the future, will be relatable to lots of you. I believe blogging is a fascinating world, where words can be shared and read; ideas can inspire and encourage anyone and everyone. Blogging enables any subject to be written about- it could be a topic (i.e. cooking or fashion), a life advent (i.e. gap year or pregnancy) or pretty much anything else.

‘My Daisychain Closet’ is my blog where I will share DIYs, reviews on products and my own ideas- this will include my make up, outfits and fashion ideas. This is a space where I want to be able to share my opinion, without being criticised or told I’m wrong, everyone is aloud an opinion. I also hope my blog can help/ inspire you at times too! I think fashion is a fun and wide community, where bloggers, readers and anyone can mould their own style. As I will hopefully show, your size and age are just a number and you can be anyone you want as long as you’re happy!!!

One final point, I really want advice and feedback. I am completely new to blogging and fashion blogging now so I’d love some comments on my writing, posts and my fashion style. You can request DIYs, reviews and other ideas- please, please share your opinion! If you could keep it to constructive or good criticism, I’d love that! You can also follow my blog and my google+ (but I’m new to using it so consider I’m learning). I’m also keen to read your blogs, so please share them below and I’ll try to take a look!

I hope to do a real fashion post soon.

Thanks, Lydia

Some photos of me x