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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Transition to Fall Fashion

When the season of autumn hits, and the leaves dance off the trees, we find ourselves putting away our swimming costumes and flip-flops and reaching for our tights, scarves and hats. As the cooler airs of winter approach, our autumn wardrobes bring layers and darker tones as soon as September ends.

I believe that any item of clothing can be transitioned for another seasons’ needs, as this is more eco-friendly and purse-friendly for everyone. With simple, but cute, accessories like tights, socks, cardigans and jumpers, a perfect summer outfit can be an autumn dream with a blink of the eye.

In summer nature is full of vivid colours, but when fall approaches oranges, browns and reds appear everywhere. In our wardrobes, summer is full of bright fun shades but, we too, must let our colours transition into deeper colours. Some examples of colours that truly come out at winter, are berry, dark red, browns and black- these colours can add an interesting pop, that also give your outfit a seasonal touch.

But autumn isn’t just about clothing, make up takes a turn for the darker shades too, meaning we can experiment with dark lips and eyes. Dark make up adds another depth to the overall look and creates a warm feel throughout, much like the month of autumn.

I love autumn style because I love the colour palette that is worn and the comfort of layering up. I also love the simple items, like my combat boots and thick tights, which can create a much more fashionable outfit!

My top tips for dressing for autumn.

  1. Don’t Clash! A pretty floral dress doesn’t need thick patterned berry tights; just match black tights if there is already a stand out part of the outfit.
  2. Layer up! It’s colder and the weather is completely unpredictable in the UK’s autumn and winter, and layers are practical and can be so fashionable. Picking out cute jumpers and cardigans and matching them with your outfit can complete and cut-ify any and everything!
  3. Shoes! Autumn brings the joy of boots. Boots, be them combat or UGG, are so practical and adorable. I personally wear my tan combat boots with light cream lace socks, which makes them even more pretty, comfy and unique.
Lydia x